Friday, October 26, 2012

Beta Hour

Day 1
October 26, 2012
Hour: 22:21

I spent a lot of my time on my computer, I love this machine and I love everything that is associated with it. I decided that once I return home I will attend school for and associates degree in Computer Networking admin and a Bachelor degree in Cyber Space Security.

With my goals set up it gave me plenty of time to think about my future. If I want to prevent crackers from breaking into a system then I need to start thinking like them but where do I begin? What is it that a crackers wants when they break into their targets system and how can I stop it?

My investigation begins here and google, my dear lovely google, you will be the valiant horse that I will ride on as we gather as much info that we can.....Phase 1, Operation Beta Hour begins, I will know my targets better from here on out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Face Society

  Recently I've notice that everyone I work with seem to be on edge. Just today I lost it for no reason at all and its only a matter of time before the next person does the same. Maybe its the heat or maybe the fact that our Command is starting to cut the jobs around the base and people there were once in charge are now loosing their position and will have to faze back into the group.
   We can't really do anything about the matters at hand but sit back and watch what happens. I for one do not think it will end pretty but you never know. One of the worker here seems that he has to be right no matter what you say to him and even if you show him what the instructions say in the book he will still stand his ground and say it's wrong and he is correct. Please for the love of who ever you believe in, just stop that. If it says in the instructions to do things this way then stop arguing with the other people you are wrong just deal with it. The sad thing is he has another person that is starting to think just like him so they seem to think they are the all mighty. Maybe if they get beat they might change their attitude.

  On other news the network people here wanted us to only use an internet card for one device, so they programmed their network to only work on a single device. Well I was a hacker, a long time ago mind you, and I know a few programs that can by pass that. I currently have my laptop sending out wifi signals and can connect it to any device I want so my PS3 and my IPod can be connected at the same time and my Laptop. I love it when people tell me I can only do one thing and I find ways to change that.

  So with four months down I can really see what this place truly is and I can come to the conclusion that every one here is a back stabbing ass hole. I don't want to get mixed in with them so I don't try to be number 1 I stay in the dirt bag section and watch as people throw each other under the bus. Its sad that this organization has come to this point.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Halls Way

So I find myself bored off my ass hating my job day in and day out. I don't really do anything besides take some crappy photos of people I really don't like and to top it off every time I do take a shot I love it gets turned down cause there's no god damn fluffy bull shit in it. I'm tired of all this crap and since I have no say in what goes into the newsletter I decided to make my own page where I can rant and cuss how ever the fuck I want.

I'll start off with how our damn year book we are working on is coming to an end. Yes, I know we basically just got here and our year book is about to get published in August. Well how fucked up is that. We will be here till December and from August till the time our plane takes off that huge gap there all the photos that I take will be a useless hunk of space just eating away at my computers memory. Why the fuck would you want us to cut it so Damn early that, oh lets not forget about out oh so wonderful facebook page. God do I love sitting in front on my computer while the damn banshee screams in one ear and tells me to keep an eye on the one website that makes me want to take a first class trip to Germany.

Damn just writing this gets my blood flowing I love it to be honest with who ever feels like they want to read this. We are currently planning our Mid-deployment party for June 30....wait June 30, I got here in March so are you trying to tell me that we are getting sent home early cause my orders say Dec 17, I should really be having my Mid-Deployment part in August. Oh I forgot we are celebrating the other people that pull the strings Mid-deployment party cause E6 and below are not allowed to have a life or a good time they have to be miserable for this whole deployment. Fuck everyone who says that this is a good time and if I wasn't told I had to be there I wouldn't show up. A party where we get food from the Defac, OH YUM!!!! I don't have to go to some crappy party to get that food I can walk my happy go lucky ass there and get it myself and it would be a lot easier that way too cause I won't have to listen to speeches from the top dogs. Its a party okay can we just enjoy our near-beer and pretend that we all like each other while on the inside we are cussing them out. I've read an outline for this party and to be honest it doesn't sound like fun I would find more fun standing out in a sand storm without any protection sing row row row my boat running up and down the PCBs.

I going to end this rant for now. I have more to say but if I put it all into one blog them what the hell would I write about for my next issue....well being here I can find a million things to write about but I won't put names in, that way they have way to prove that I was pa-pap-papapaaaaaaa pick on them. A few people will understand that last part.